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Fertilizante compuesto

NPK Compound Fertilizer is a fertilizer with more than one element required by plants in growth. The main three elements are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.It also have many other elements, such as calcium, sulfur,magnesium,and iron,zinc, copper, etc.


9.5KG PP bags with PE liner,25KG/50KG PP+PE bag,and 1000KGS Jumbo bag.We also accept the special bag according to our clients.

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NPK compound fertilizer has many kinds of styles according to different composition, such as NPK15-15-15,  NPK17-17-17,  NPK19-19-19,  NPK20-20-20, NPK12-12-17,  NPK11-12-26, NPK12-24-12, NPK15-15-20,  NPK11-22-16,  NPK18-18-0,  NPK12-22-11, NPK22-9-9, NPK26-11-8,  NPK26-12-7, NPK16-8-22, NPK25-10-10, NPK25-14-6, NPK15-15-20, NPK12-17-16, NPK12-18-15, NPK28-14-6, NPK12-20-13, NPK24-11-10, NPK12-21-12, NPK24-10-8, NPK18-22-5, NPK23-13-9, NPK18-21-6, NPK16-6-18, NPK15-20-5, NPK12-26-10, NPK12-19-14, NPK18-5-21, NPK23-13-6, NPK25-15-8, NPK24-10-14, NPK27-12-11, NPK27-7-7, NPK13-17-15, NPK14-16-10, NPK15-8-22, NPK15-10-20, NPK20-14-6, NPK20-10-10, NPK16-6-20, NPK16-12-18, NPK16-8-20, NPK12-5-8, NPK22-9-11.In addition,we also accept any other special specification if quantity is large enough.

With high nutrient content and less vice composition and good physical properties, NPK compound fertilizer is not only used as balanced fertilization to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer ,but also promote high and stable yield of crops.
As each NPK product has fixed proportion of nutrients, and the need for different soil and crop nutrition element types, quantity and proportion is varied. So soil testing to understand the field soil texture and nutritional status is needed before using the best NPK compound fertilizer, also pay attention to the unit fertilizer application, can obtain the better effect. etc.

15-20 days depend on quantity after receive L/C , prepayment,or others.




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